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The exhibition in New York

New York
Photo gallery of the exhibition opening in New York
© Laura Dante, 2009
The prestigious newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung published an article on Sept. 23, authored by its New York based correspondent Jordan Mejias. Among the New York Press the exhibition received a first appraisal by Masha Leon in the Jewish weekly Forward. The issue appeared in print on Oct. 2, but was online since Sept. 25.

A radio feature (3 min, MP3, 3.5MB) by Lena Bodewein has been broadcast in Sept. 10, 2009, by German public radio.

The Exhibition received a favorable review on Oct. 30, 2009, by the Columbia Spectator. An article on Nov. 4 by the Jewish Press deals mainly with one of highlights of the show, the Leipzig Mahzor. he Mahzor also play a major role in the exhibition note of the New Criterion.

German TV brought a report on Nov. 18, 2009, also available on the Internet (jump to 5 minutes before the end).

Preparations for New York

The crates were filled in Leipzig (Leipzig-Fernsehen)
Packing for New York got the attention of the press. An article was published by Leipziger Volkszeitung (PDF, German), many more appeared in the Internet: Leipziger Internetzeitung (PDF, German) and Leipzig-Seiten (PDF, German) . All this is just a sample, since the short text distributed by the press agency ddp (see one example in News adhoc (PDF, German)) has been reprinted by hundreds of dailies in the German speaking world. The local television station Leipzig-Fernsehen did a short film of the event.

The exhibition in Leipzig

During its eight-week run in Leipzig from the end of March to the end of May 2009 the exhibition has attracted close to 4,000 visitors: a record number. More than 400 copies of the German catalog have been sold. On top of 20 guided tours for the general public, there were 40 privately arranged tours for groups provided by curator Ulrich Johannes Schneider and assistant curator Hassan Soilihi Mzé. The visitors came from all over Germany, their echo was overwhelmingly positive. The visitor's book documents many thankful voices.

Photo gallery of the exhibition opening in Leipzig
Media attention has equally been good. The press conference prior the opening was news for local TV and radio stations. On the very evening of the opening, the nationally broadcasted "Deutschlandradio Kultur" distributed a review pointing out that many of the manuscripts are priceless treasures (DLR (German)). The nationwide newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" reviewed the exhibition on the first page of its culture section, where the author wrote that "every single one of these objects makes a trip to Leipzig rewarding" (FAZ, PDF (German)).
"Süddeutsche Zeitung", also a nationwide newspaper, had (and still has) the catalog listed among its recommended books. The regional radio station "mdr" made various short broadcasts and publicized the "journey through the centuries" at the Bibliotheca Albertina on its website (mdr (German)). The talks organized in connection with the exhibition were subject to many announcements in local print and radio media, among them "Leipziger Internet-Zeitung" and "Radio Mephisto".

More than 1,200 websites have a link to the exhibition homepage; many blogs offer comments.