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Videostill, Digitisation
Photography and Postproduction
Videostill, 99 copies of free thought
99 copies of free thinking
Videostill, Hidden in papyri
A Jigsaw Puzzle made of Papyri
World Chronicle
Videostill, Against the time
Against the Time
The Leipzig Mahzor
Videostill, Just like the father
Like Father,
like Son

Bach Manuscript
Videostill, Between chapter and verse
Surah & Verse
Book Culture

Videostill, Totally fascinating...
Totally fascinated...
Videostill, I am working on...
I am working on...
Videostill, The Leipzig treasure house
Leipzig Treasure House
Videostill, I am interested in on...
I am interested in...

Check out (and download) some Images!

Medical illustration
Medical illustration,
organ concerto
Planet Disk
15th century

12th century manuscript
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Saint George
Saint George,
parchment, around 1600
J. H. F. von Autenrieth
J. H. F. von Autenrieth


Check out the Catalog!

The catalog with 206 pages and 160 color images, over 100 of them full-page, contains also an chronolgy of Leipzig University and 13 short essays. They focus on knowledge about world religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), four continents (Africa, America, Asia, Europe), and some disciplines (astronomy, medicine, botany, music).

The catalog in German is on sale for EUR 24,80 (EUR 20 for visitors of the exhibition); the American edition will be out in late August for 40 USD. The catalog is exclusively available in New York at the Grolier Club, and in Houston at the main building of the Houston Public Library.

Have a look into the catalog! (PDF)